Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9

The stars of the series are sworn to secrecy, but have given The Hollywood Reporter  what teasers they can about the AMC hit’s final eight episodes. While THR has viewed Sunday’s episode, this post does not include any information about it, save for what the castmembers have revealed.

So no need to worry about big spoilers, as long as you are caught up from last year. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9

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1. Walter is “trying to stay alive.”

When last we saw him, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) was retired from the business, with untold millions sitting in a storage facility. Everything seemed perfect, but the flash forward at the beginning of season 5 told us a haggard (and seemingly on the run) Walt would celebrate his 52nd birthday by buying a large gun.

Cranston tells THR when we see him in the upcoming episoes, Walt isn’t spending any time reflecting on his sins, because he’s continually pushing forward.

“He lives moment to moment. He doesn’t have the luxury of retrospective thought,” Cranston says. “He’s trying to stay alive.”

2. There’s “no controlling the situation” for Skyler.

Skyler (Anna Gunn) spent much of last year’s episodes keeping her children away from Walter for fear one of his rivals might murder them.

Gunn tells THR in the new season, we find Skyler “in a bad place” and “not having a good time.”

"She’s taken all the action she can to control the situation, and now I think she understands there is no controlling the situation. There’s nothing to be done. She’s in a place where she’s hoping time will take care of things and everything will somehow work out."

Gunn adds: “She’s hoping against hope that Walt means it when he says he’s out of the business and maybe they can get away with this crazy situation. But there’s part of her that knows deep down it’s not likely.”